Windshield Rain Repellent - Glass Treatment Causes Water to Bead

Windshield Rain Repellent - Glass Treatment Causes Water to Bead

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Ultimate Visibility in Rain - TriNova's Windshield Water Repellent uses a powerful polymer blend to waterproof any glass surface on your car, including your windshield and windows. Whether you're transporting your family or going for a joy ride in your convertible, you can rest assured your vision won't be blocked by water or any kind of condensation. Prevents Buildup of Frost & Snow - Rain isn't the only thing that can block your driving view, which is why this repellent is specially formulated to create a protective barrier on your glass that makes it harder for snow and frost to stick. With simple treatment, this product will cause snow to slide off and frost to be more easily scraped off in the morning before your daily commute. Features Easy Application - TriNova's Windshield Water Repellent features simple spray-and-leave application-all you have to do is spray on and let dry and your windows are good to go. This means you don't have to wait hours between treatment and going for a drive ever again.TriNova's Windshield Water Repellent is the clear choice With this water repellent, you'll see more clearly in any situation: - Causes water to bead and roll off - Prevents buildup of snow and sleet - ...




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