Vacuum Sealers Crenova Automatic VS-1 Food Vacuum Fresh Preservation Machine

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P.when("RPPStripeRendered").execute(function(stripeData){ if(stripeData && stripeData.state){ switch(stripeData.state){ case "result-found": document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "This fits your "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; break; case "no-result": if(stripeData.showBullet && stripeData.showBullet !== "0"){ document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "No information found for this part for "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } break; default: document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } } }); No Fridge Taste: Even refrigerated food can breed bacteria-not to mention the unmistakable taste of being in in the fridge too long. Vacuum sealers solve the problem by creating a tight seal, preserving the food and preventing mold growth. Most food stays fresh for at least three months when sealed. Easy to use: This automatic vacuum sealer features a user-friendly control panel. Simply choose the mode: Dry food or Moist. With the cancel button, you can further control the vacuum pressure whenever you need to. The LED indicators on the device tell you about the status of the sealing process. Built for durability: Crenova Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer is the most durable sealer available thanks to its dual side-by-side vacuum and powerful seal bar. Vacuum has strength of 23-25' HG, a 110 watt motor, and carries ETL certification. This sealer will endure for many years. Starter kit included: Set includes 10 sealing bags in two different sizes made especially for use with the vacuum sealer. Use them to vacuum seal food, wine, marinade sauces, or anything else. The sealer can also be used with a canister or tube (sold separately). Use at home or for business. Do Not Throw Your Food: Vacuum sealers are used widely by home cooks, fishermen, food service providers, and others. You don't have to use it just for food, either. The device is also a great place to vacuum seal important documents, coins, jewelry, and other valuable items.








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