Ultra Strong Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Crossfit, Powerlifting

Ultra Strong Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Crossfit, Powerlifting

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SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE YOUR GRIP AND BOOST YOUR LIFTING POTENTIAL! You will be amazed at just how much your fingers, hands and grip were holding you back during your workouts. Try these wrist straps now and you won't ever want to lift without them again. UNIQUE GRIP-TACK SURFACE "GRABS" THE BAR AND WON'T LET GO UNTIL YOU NEED IT TO! Our wrist straps are unique in that they use a grippy silicone surface on the strap to literally grab onto the bar so that there is no slipping, twisting or shifting during lifts. You won't find this on most other wrist straps. ADDITIONAL NEOPRENE WRIST PADDING PREVENTS WRIST BITE AND SORENESS! Other wrist straps offer no padding between the strap and the wrist, only hard cotton. Our wrist straps utilize neoprene padding so that when you lift that new 1-rep-max weight, the strap isn't cutting into your wrist and causing discomfort or soreness.Northeast Fitness weightlifting wrist straps provide the ultimate support needed to blast through plateaus in any weightlifting situation. Dimensions are 1.5" x 23" Built like a tank to handle any and ...







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