Twin Pack LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants: 12 Or 18 Watt. Seedlings

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IDEAL FOR ALL PHASES OF PLANT GROWTH: Works well with any indoor plant type set-up. Can be used in Green Houses, Grow Rooms, Hydroponic or Soil Based Set Ups. Flower Exhibitions, Cupboards, Bonsai, Sowing, Breeding and Farm based growing where you are trying to get maximum growth cycle over a shorter period of time. You get either 2 x 12W or 2 x 18W bulbs at purchase. OPTIMAL LIGHT SPECTRUM: Plants photosynthesis best using red light for flowering and blue light for growing. Your twin pack globes come with an ideal ratio of Red to Blue LED's to cover the spectrum required. (12WATT/360 lumens= 9 Red and 3 Blue LED's. 18WATT/540 lumens=12 Red and 6 Blue LED's) (Red LED Wavelength= 660nm and Blue LED Wavelength= 460nm) (Each LED is 1Watt). EASY INSTALLATION: No Ballast is required to power these bulbs. Just screw them into any E26/E27 fitting and they run off standard house current AC85-265V. Even a small desk lamp will power them. Use them as they are, or optimally with the aid of a reflective umbrella. Recommendation is to use 1 bulb per 30 sq in area at 30 in stand-off. Exact distance will vary with application.HERE'S A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO INDOOR GROWING! SCREW THESE HEAVY DUTY LED GROW BULBS INTO ANY HOME SOCKET AND GIVE YOUR PLANTS A PERFECT GROWTH CYCLE, BACKED UP BY A 2 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY YOU'LL LO ...







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