Kidsco - 7

Kidsco - 7" ( Green ) Flashing Novelty Police Beacon - Rotating Strobe Light

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ADD FLASH ANYWHERE- Kidsco - 360 degree rotating light can be displayed on any flat, stable surface so it is good to go in any room, bringing the party wherever you want it. The rotating strobe will make any occasion extra flashy. It can be plugged in conveniently and out of the way, creating more room for the fun. Retro Green, red, and blue colors will make any event you have look groovy. GREAT FOR PARTY LIGHT DISCO - Great for any DJ and party set as this light turns the excitement up. Great to have at a bar, lemonade stand, parade, festival, block party, and more! Strobe and rotating lights can go with music and get people grooving on the dance floor. Kids will have a great kick out of this. Great for kids on Halloween as well. Separate red and blue lights together can simulate police. Green Colored light is ideal for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. GREAT FOR HOME- can be used as a table decoration as well. It can go on your nightstand, dresser, dinner table, coffee table, in your bedroom, dorm room, office, anywhere! Just plug it into any outlet and its ready for anywhere and anything. This light will be sure to create some good vibes in any setting you want.Product Description- Having a party? Maybe an emergency? The Kidsco 7" Police Light/ Party light is a great attention getter for any occasion. The light rotates at a constant 360 degrees when powered, ...