Half Moon

Half Moon "Go Away" Doormat by Castle Mats, Size 18 x 30 inches, Non-Slip

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GREAT FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: This half moon, 18 x 30 inch doormat, 1/2 inch thick, contains a waterproof rubber backing that is gentle on indoor flooring, while its weather-resistant fiber top is great for outside use TRAPS DIRT & MUD: The top is layered with coarse fibers, which quickly absorbs water and dirt from wet shoes. The rubber backing protects floors from water damage ANTI-BACTERIAL, EASY TO CLEAN: Odor-free natural fibers quickly dry and resist buildup of mold and mildew. Shake, vacuum, or wash with a garden hose to remove dirtThis Half Moon "Go Away" doormat is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This doormat is 18 x 30 inches wide, and ? inch thick. Made with natural fibers, this doormat wicks away moisture for quick evap ...