Easy Grip Silicone Kitchen Tongs Stainless Steel Set of 2 12 and 9 Inch Tongs

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P.when("RPPStripeRendered").execute(function(stripeData){ if(stripeData && stripeData.state){ switch(stripeData.state){ case "result-found": document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "This fits your "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; break; case "no-result": if(stripeData.showBullet && stripeData.showBullet !== "0"){ document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBulletInner").innerHTML = "No information found for this part for "+stripeData.item+"."; document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } break; default: document.getElementById("replacementPartsFitmentBullet").className = ""; } } }); EASY GRIP DESIGN, 3X BETTER; Many tongs ruin your food by forcing you to squeeze too hard; Discover new Easy Grip silicone tongs, a 3 step improvement on other tongs; Triple lines of waved silicone grip on each tip hold even the slippiest food easily and securely in place; A highly responsive spring means a gentle squeeze offers a firm grip; Indented silicone on the handles guarantees you naturally apply pressure where it is needed. EASY TO USE; Amazing new Easy Grip silicone tips will hold your food securely in place while a precise spring and finger indents means you can do it with a minimum of pressure; Premium silicone and securefix tips gives you easy clean up and dishwasher safe tongs; Protect your tasty meals and keep them looking great with tongs that won't squash or drop your food; Getting beautiful food to the plate just got a whole lot easier. EASY STORAGE; An easy glide lock keeps the tongs shut when storing; The silicone ring at the top of the tongs allows for hanging these attractive tongs on display; You no longer need to battle in your kitchen drawer to untangle the tongs just when you need them most; BONUS EBOOK To help you make the most of your tongs, we'll email you a delicious 'Marinades in Minutes' eBook shortly after purchase. EASY ON THE EYE; This 2 tongs set comes in a bright and attractive orange; Silicone on the handles enhances the look and means no hot metal burns for you; The 9 inch, small tongs work perfectly for salads and gently lifting tasty but delicate, delicious smelling fish; Larger 12 inch tongs for reaching into ovens safely, and holding succulent roast meats for carving at your next family get together. EASILY THE BEST; LONG LASTING PREMIUM QUALITY; Save money with easily the longest lasting tongs you'll ever own; 1 inch brushed stainless steel , premium silicone for use up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, no BPA and FDA approved, Easy Grip and Securefixed tips, highly responsive spring, ergonomically designed for ease of use; Your longest lasting kitchen tongs or your money back.









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